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IBM LIVE Webinar: Sustainable Supply Chain using MRO Inventory Optimization

By Kelcey Gosserand posted Thu December 01, 2022 08:00 AM


IBM MRO IO – the importance of a defined methodology for assigning material criticality. Material criticality is the determination of which materials that flow through an industry or economy are most important to the production process.

This webinar will provide the knowledge and input into inventory holding decisions to help minimize the risk of over-stocking non-critical spares or under-stocking critical spares. Any organization focused on achieving and sustaining high operational reliability must have accurate spare criticality assigned to its MRO inventory to support the reliability initiatives.

In this webinar, we visit the supply chain challenges from a broader travel and transportation angle and narrow the scope to an aviation MRO supply chain perspective. We will review best practices and why criticality matters to MRO inventory and aftermarket spare parts planning. Watch this enablement video to learn more about the topic. 

When: Thursday, December 8th @ 1 pm ET

Where: Online, link to RSVP

David Bettenhausen - CEO & Co-Founder, Aerotrax
Marlon Ramirez - Co-founder, Azul Cargo
Jeromy Risner - MRO IO Pre-Sales Manager, IBM Consulting
Jeremiah Woodard - Global Sales Leader MRO IO, IBM Consulting 
Kelcey Gosserand  - WW Technical Sales Leader, IBM Sustainability Software

Please share this webinar with clients, business partners, and anyone in your organization that could benefit from this information. If you can't attend the live event, you can register in advance to ensure you receive the recording. 

Thank you, and don't miss this exciting conversation on this evolving space!