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My Cloud, Your Cloud, Any Cloud-Flexible OMS Deployment Options

By DONNA SMITH posted Thu July 28, 2022 02:13 PM


See the replay & download the slides from the My Cloud, Your Cloud, Any Cloud-Flexible OMS Deployment Options July 28 2022 webinar.

As enterprises scale up their order fulfillment operations, they have important choices to make when choosing deployment options for mission-critical OMS. These choices include company size, support team maturity, financial practices, competitive market dynamics and culture - all of which play an important part in selecting the best implementation and deployment model.

The challenge: With the exponential growth of public cloud, managed hosting options and SaaS offerings, enterprises must think hard when evaluating nebulous claims and selecting the right OMS deployment model that best suits their needs. The need for resilience and agility to respond to unprecedented environmental shifts and global disruptions further clouds the analysis, making it a challenge to craft a strategy that works now and in the future. One that can evolve with the company’s growth journey.

Is there is a silver lining to all of this? Yes. There IS a right cloud for you, and there IS a way to start with one model, and switch to another as your needs and plans evolve.

Join us to understand the key considerations that influence the choice of deployment models, be it SaaS, company-managed or Public Cloud. Learn how IBM is helping customers architect an OMS growth strategy based on a flexible technology platform that focuses on adaptability and the freedom of choice for the customer.