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Learn how you can effectively setup SLCs with IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor to model any complex files transfer scenarios

By Dale Ander posted Wed February 17, 2021 06:06 AM


How often do you ask questions like: “Did my file arrive in time?” or “Did the file get picked up from the mailbox within X# of minutes?”

File transfer problems can disrupt critical business processes, hamper revenue generating opportunities and result in costly service level agreement (SLA) penalties. You don’t want to be in the position of wondering if a process or transfer occurred on time or took too long to complete.

Fortunately, as an IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer (MFT) or B2B Integration user, you have Service Level Criteria (SLCs).  When certain processes or process steps that are supposed to occur on servers monitored by Control Center Monitor don’t meet performance objectives, you can receive alerts so you can quickly take corrective action and mitigate the risk of the problem occurring again

The white paper below focuses on two common types of problems SLCs can solve – being alerted when a transfer or process did not occur on time, and when a transfer or process took too long to run. The paper uses specific examples and provides step-by-step instructions on how to use Workflow SLCs. These examples just scratch the surface of what SLCs can do, so use them as design patterns to model your own SLCs. With these proven techniques you can get quick and successful results.

Download SLC Whitepaper.pdf