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Supply Chain Intelligence Suite - What's New

By ANGELA HUANG posted Thu March 31, 2022 12:00 PM

Authors: Lori Brofford, Principal Offering Manager, IBM Visibility & Analytics; Wiggs Civitillo, Senior Product Manager, IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply

n September 2021, we launched the IBM Supply Chain Intelligence Suite (SCIS), an AI-enabled and Blockchain-backed supply chain solution to help quickly surface supply chain insights and take action on them. The cloud service ingests datafrom your internal systems and provides visualizations in dashboards, widgets, and list views. The result is an aggregated, unified view of your supply chain that reveals patterns and trends across multiple siloed data sources. 

As a blockchain platform, SCIS enables companies join or build their own trusted data-sharing ecosystem with supply chain partners so they can trace and communicate product history effectively. 

We hope you have been able to learn about this solution from the content on our website, community library and Supply Chain Thursday Webinars series.  

Our team has been building more new capabilities and we are excited to show you what's new since last year: 
    • Enhanced shipment visibility: With the new Severe Weather Events connector, you can receive information about real-time weather events affecting your supply chain and leverage Control Tower to assess and mitigate impact. 
    • Shelf life risk work queue: The shelf life risk work queue provides you with a list of products that are considered at-risk of expiration. You can view all of the details required to evaluate and address any potential at-risk products. Watch the demo video to see how it works. 
    • Improved user experience: See this overview video to learn about the Control Tower application and see how easy and smooth it is to view, filter, and search activities and information. 
    • Documentation customization: Within the Documents component, organizations can upload, view and share documents, such as facility certificates and audit reports. You can customize the documents your environment supports, by reducing the document types that are available or by adding additional document types with configurable schema and fields. 
    • Sustainability: You can now upload Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) documents within the Documents component in the Transparent Supply application. PCF documents provide you with a standard way to share your PCF data with your supply chain partners.
    • Data quality work queues: the location definition missing work queue and product definition missing work queue help facilitate data compliance for events that are missing location or product master data. They identify events that reference a location or product that is not registered in Transparent Supply and provide a suggested resolution. 

With upgraded capabilities and enhanced experiences, our vision is to have
a complete suite of supply chain applications that help ensure resiliency and sustainability of your business. We will keep you updated quarterly on what's new in the suite. 

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Tue April 19, 2022 06:51 AM

Great to see the new Weather Events capabilities - and at last a map! :-)