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Spectrum Scale user group 

Wed September 02, 2020 03:28 AM

The Spectrum Scale (GPFS) user group is open to all using, interested in using or integrating Spectrum Scale. We have groups running across the world but our main focus is in the UK and USA. We welcome Spectrum Scale users from a wide range of industries and are not sector specific. Our current membership base includes representation from media, academia, research, automotive, defence and pharmaceutical industries.

The Spectrum Scale User Group aims to:

  • Bring together users of Spectrum Scale and Spectrum Scale with Spectrum Protect ILM (TSM HSM) into a collective environment
  • Represent the needs of the Spectrum Scale User Group members
  • Liaise with IBM and our User Group members to improve Spectrum Scale and Spectrum Scale with Spectrum Protect ILM
  • Provide a “localised” community for support and knowledge sharing
  • Raise awareness of Spectrum Scale as a capable data management platform

The format of the group is as a web community with events held during the year, hosted by our members or by IBM.


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