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Sat May 30, 2020 10:08 PM

ESG, IBM FlashSystem Family: Ease of Use for All Environments Whitepaper
Simplifying the Complexities of Modern IT with Faster, Smarter, More Economical Storage
By Scott Sinclair, ESG Senior Analyst and Monya Keane, ESG Senior Research Analyst

This IDC Market Note covers recent announcement by IBM regarding its storage portfolio enhancements, which are designed to simplify choosing and managing enterprise storage systems while also making them more manageable, secure, and multicloud integrated.

By: Andrew Buss Research Director - European Enterprise Infrastructure, Silvia Cosso

IDC explores 2020 enterprise storage from IBM

Read the latest IDC perspective on the IBM FlashSystem family from Eric Burgener at IDC

Broad-Reaching IBM Storage Announcements Deliver Value for Existing and Prospective Customers Alike

This IDC Market Note discusses IBM's February 2020 storage announcements. The improvements cover a variety of different areas, including new systems, support for SCM devices, and streamlining its block-based primary storage portfolio. This IDC Market Note looks at these enhancements, calling out the benefits for both primary storage customers and IBM itself.



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