IBM TS4300 Tape Library drives not connecting directly to HPE server

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IBM TS4300 Tape Library drives not connecting directly to HPE server 

Sat April 01, 2023 05:06 AM

Hello, Team

So, I am currently on this deployment it is an IBM TS4300 tape library with HH FC drives.

The OS is windows server 2019 installed on HPE ProLiant gen 9 server. I have a fiber card with 2 Ports on the server. These ports are meant to connect directly to the tape drives, so, I can view the tape drives or tape devices on my device manager on the server, so, I can make use of it for backup with commvault.

The card on the HPE does not blink when connected to the tape drives with fiber cables, but blinks when connected to a switch. The tape drive blinks when plugged to the switch, too.

I Just want the server to discover the tape library on O.S. level, so i can use it.

I will entertain any possible solution I can get.


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Thu April 27, 2023 12:26 PM


I would suggest opening a case with IBM tape storage support.

Currently, I can suggest you installing ITDT (IBM Tape Diagnostic Tool) and tape drive drivers as well. You should be able to use your HBA adapter connected directly to your tape drives.

I am adding few links:
1. Please check your system here:

2. I don't know the drives type to add you the correct download link for Windows Server 2019, but you can find the drivers here:

3. Here you can find ITDT for all systems   - for Windows we have Graphical Edition (GE) and Standart Edition (SE). I am recommending SE.

4. ITDT - Installing, Starting -

Have a nice day.

Galin Iliev
SE Tape Storage Support