Data encryption in the storage clusters (SAN and NAS)

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Data encryption in the storage clusters (SAN and NAS) 

Sat September 11, 2021 11:37 PM

  • To maintain security and compliance to end-users data, we need to configure encryption in storage devices.
  • Use encrypting hardware (drives) or software (volumes) in storage infrastructure. It will protect businesses from the risk of data decryption/ misuse of data by any 3rd party actor(s), even though failed drive sent outside data center/ premises as a part of RMA process.
  • While new storage site design, prefer the clients to purchase NSE drives. It may involve extra payment, as NSE drives are more expensive than non-NSE drives, but business/ end-users data will be safe and secured and cannot be decrypted without a key, as the encryption key vaulted by the client/ storage owner only.
  • If a storage infrastructure site is already built and established, then prefer the clients to purchase an NVE license to enable logical volumes for the data encryption.


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