Build a Data Lake for AI and with software agility and efficiency webinar

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Build a Data Lake for AI and with software agility and efficiency webinar 

Tue September 19, 2023 02:41 PM

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In this session, we will discuss how a lakehouse architecture can be built with open-source software and commodity x86 hardware. Organizations can deploy quickly yet still scale massively by combining IBM Storage Ceph, an enterprise-grade software-defined storage platform, and IBM, an open, hybrid, governed fit-for-purpose data store.

Together, IBM Storage Ceph and IBM provide a highly performant data lakehouse that allows organizations to:

  • Consolidate multiple data types into a single elastic repository that expands capacity online as requirements grow.
  • Access data across on-premises and cloud environments through a single entry point with a shared metadata layer leveraging open data and open table formats.
  • Connect to storage and analytics environments in minutes and enhance trust in data with built-in governance, security, and automation.
  • Reduce data lake and lakehouse costs with unified data storage options and fit-for-purpose computer engines that are clustered and capable of scaling automatically.

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