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LTO Generation 9 specifications announcement blog Specifications Include up to 45TB Capacity* #lto #tape #lto-9

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Data Durability, and Back-up at scale: A tale of "the Tape"

It is no secret that the amount of data being produced and stored in the world continues to explode. It is so much not a secret, that we see it in nearly every storage brief: But what does this number really mean? It is only significant to the degree at which it impacts the IT budget...

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LTO Tape Shipment Report Reveals Record Breaking Tape Capacity Shipments

The LTO Program Technology Provider Companies (TPCs), IBM Corporation, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Quantum today released their annual tape media shipment report, detailing year-over-year shipments. The report showed a record 114,079 petabytes (PB) of total tape capacity (compressed) shipped...

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Why tape-based backup is making a comeback

TechTarget Blog by John Edwards. New technologies make venerable tape storage tech a smart choice for off-site backups and data archiving. Explore pros and cons, as well as how the pandemic affects tape use. #tape #lto #backup

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IBM Joins the Active Archive Alliance

The IBM Tape Storage family is happy to announce that IBM joined the Active Archive Alliance, which promotes modern strategies to solve data growth challenges. IBM joins a growing number of industry-leading storage and IT vendors that support the use of active archive solutions for data...