Webinar: Build a Data Lake for AI and watsonx.data with software agility and efficiency

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When:  Sep 19, 2023 from 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM (ET)


In this session, we will discuss how a lakehouse architecture can be built with open-source software and commodity x86 hardware. Organizations can deploy quickly yet still scale massively by combining IBM Storage Ceph, an enterprise-grade software-defined storage platform, and IBM watsonx.data, an open, hybrid, governed fit-for-purpose data store.

Together, IBM Storage Ceph and IBM watsonx.data provide a highly performant data lakehouse that allows organizations to:

  • Consolidate multiple data types into a single elastic repository that expands capacity online as requirements grow.
  • Access data across on-premises and cloud environments through a single-entry point with a shared metadata layer leveraging open data and open table formats.
  • Connect to storage and analytics environments in minutes and enhance trust in data with built-in governance, security, and automation.
  • Reduce data lake and lakehouse costs with unified data storage options and fit-for-purpose computer engines that are clustered and capable of scaling automatically.

David Wohlford - Sr. Product Marketing Manager, IBM Storage for Data and AI

David has over 36 years in the IT industry and over 24 years in enterprise storage. Among some of his many roles, he has been Storage Architect, Systems Engineer, Consultant, Product Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Technical Marketing Manager, and Competitive Analyst for various Fortune 500 companies. He brings a wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm, and experience with both his speaking engagements and written material. He loves storage technology but still finds time for his model trains and outdoor gardening in his spare time.