Webinar: Cyber Recovery For Everyone: IBM FlashSystem Experience

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When:  Jan 11, 2024 from 12:00 PM to 01:30 PM (ET)


Will data backups save you from ransomware? Think again. Malicious actors targeted backups in at least 93% of attacks in 2022, and they successfully penetrated backup repositories in 75% of attacks. Organizations of all sizes need to take action to protect their data with storage capabilities tailor-made for cyber attacks.Join us live for 30 minutes to learn about the affordable cyber recovery and data protection solutions IBM FlashSystem has in store for you, so you can recover in hours, not days.

Join this session to learn how IBM FlashSystems addresses:

  • Reducing the post-attack recovery timeframe
  • Lowering storage infrastructure cost while maintaining performance and availability
  • Reducing carbon footprint and achieve sustainability goals

Key Speakers

Dr. Jetta Jones 
- Storage, Digital Technical Specialist