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Spectrum Fusion Data Sheet

  • 1.  Spectrum Fusion Data Sheet

    Posted Thu March 17, 2022 10:49 AM

    IBM Storage

    Data Sheet



    • Faster path to application modernization from pilot to production
    • Protect and secure your Company and Client data
    • Ensure availability of your applications at scale
    • Increase business agility with frictionless access to data stored throughout the Enterprise
    • Simplified management of data and storage services anywhere OpenShift is deployed

    IBM Spectrum Fusion datasheet

    World Class Hybrid Cloud with OpenShift and IBM Spectrum Fusion

    In a recent study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of IBM in March 2021, 71% of companies said they needed a consistent way to deploy cloud-native applications across on-premises infrastructure and public clouds. As this desire for consistency of applications grow, many customers are turning to the flexibility and capabilities of containers and Kubernetes. In a recent IDC survey ( ucture-modernization-challenges-analyst-material- f28911-202106-en_1.pdf) , 41% of companies have deployed containers and 24% cited they will be adding production deployments in the next 12 months. In the same survey, 80% of those using containers are already using them in production.

    As these containerized workloads grow, customers need applications and data to adjust and shift in response to dynamic market demands so their organization can become more competitive. Developers and IT staff need diverse and easy to use tools & data services to build and deploy applications anywhere, at any pace, with data that scales dynamically, achieves peak performance, and adheres to security requirements. The business goal is to drive agility throughout the organization and become more flexible for constantly changing market dynamics.

    Red Hat OpenShift is a clear leader for cloud native applications in a Hybrid Cloud world.  The combination of Red Hat OpenShift and IBM Spectrum Fusion create the world class platform you trust to run your mission critical applications.

    IBM Storage

    Data Sheet


    IBM Spectrum Fusion

    IBM Spectrum® Fusion is a container-native data and storage services platform for Red Hat OpenShift. This innovative solution is built with the essential elements necessary for mission critical applications and the hybrid cloud.

    Essential elements include:

    • Consistent storage for container-native applications to meet required SLAs
    • Protect data with secure backup and restore on-premises or in Public Clouds
    • Availability and reliability of applications running across data centers
    • Access data in legacy systems, on the edge, and everywhere in between
    • Simplified management of data and storage services on OpenShift everywhere

    Until recently, Spectrum Fusion was only available on a purpose-built hyper-converged platform called IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI.  The latest release is delivered as software with a vision to run on OpenShift everywhere.

    IBM Storage

    Data Sheet

    Data protection

    IBM Spectrum Fusion has built in application aware backup and recovery. By harvesting capabilities from the industry proven IBM Spectrum Protect Plus product, the new Spectrum Fusion containerized offering provides a unified way to not only backup Red Hat OpenShift container environments but also leverage the same interface to backup VMWare or RedHat OpenShift VM environment.

    Ensuring business continuity with high availability and disaster recovery

    Keep your business operating without disruption by securely and automatically replicating data across data centers, zones, and regions so that the loss of any does not affect critical business processes.

    A global data platform

    IBM Spectrum Fusion is built on a market-leading technology that provides global access to data transparently to a container application. The application sees the data as another local file structure. The data can be physically located in another data source, thousands of miles away. This global data access includes S3 object data from the cloud or on-premises, Network File System (NFS) data from Dell/EMC, Netapp, or other vendors and any IBM Spectrum Scale compatible storage system.

    Simply application centric experience

    Manage data and storage services in the context of the applications being built and operated.  Monitor performance or capacity, and in real time expand storage transparently to global namespace on remote systems or in the cloud.

    Certified with IBM Cloud Paks

    Drive business agility through automation.  Harden security in an uncertain world.  Infuse AI throughout the organization.

    IBM Spectrum Fusion maintains the most comprehensive testing and support with IBM Cloud Paks.


    IBM Storage

    Data Sheet


    Why IBM?

    Built out of IBM Research with a heritage in High-Performance Computing

    • Container-native solution built with capabilities from hardened products such as Spectrum Scale, Spectrum Protect and Spectrum Discover

    Full stack software support of THE world class enterprise Hybrid Cloud Platform

    • Red Hat CoreOS, OpenShift Container Platform, OpenShift Data Foundation
    • IBM Spectrum Fusion, IBM Software (including IBM Cloud Paks)
    • Open Source Software

    Hybrid Cloud Integration

    • Everywhere OpenShift runs from edge to core to cloud
    • Access data in the vast ecosystem of IBM, third-party, and cloud storage solutions

    Certified with IBM Cloud Paks

    • Deep and ongoing testing with IBM Cloud Paks and Red Hat OpenShift
    • Align application modernization initiatives and themes driven through Cloud Paks such as Automation, Security, Data & AI

    IBM Storage

    Data Sheet

    For more information

    For more information about IBM Spectrum Fusion or our fully integrated IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI appliance solution, please visit our solutions page, or contact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner. If you don't yet have an IBM representative or business partner, you can fill out this form to schedule a consult with our storage experts.
















    IBM Storage

    Data Sheet

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