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  • 1.  Migrating data between DS8000 storage systems

    Posted Wed October 19, 2022 09:09 AM
    Is the CSM Migration session the appropriate option to migrate data between DS8000?
    What is the most difference in implementing the Global Copy using CSM Migration Session or Native DSCLI commands?

    Eliane Simoes de Souza

  • 2.  RE: Migrating data between DS8000 storage systems

    Posted Thu October 20, 2022 03:15 AM
    Hello Eliane,

    It depends on your environment if the CSM migration is the appropriate way to migrate data. The migration session can be used without having an CSM license. If you have a fully licensed CSM you can use also other sessions types for the migration, e.g. you could use a Metro Mirror failover/failback running in Global Copy mode.  Main advantage of using CSM compared to DSCLI, is that you don't need to create all the different scripts for suspending, resuming and failover/failback the PPRC relationship.

    Michael Frankenberg

  • 3.  RE: Migrating data between DS8000 storage systems

    Posted Fri October 21, 2022 09:44 AM
    To add to what Michael already stated.  It also depends on what existing relationships you might have...and which (source or target) box you are migrating.  As part of the migration session (no charge if running on the DS8000 HMC), there is a new feature that allows you to easily migrate secondary storage systems.  By cascaded the GC relationships in the migration session, CSM will automatically build the relationships between the original source and new targets without requiring a full copy.   (see documentation).    If you are migrating source storage systems then you might look at a solution like HyperSwap or TDMF. 

    So there are a lot of factors in determining the best way to migrate to a new DS8000, but CSM has been working with the DS8000 team to help customers migrate to new DS8000s a lot easier.

    Randy Blea
    (512) 286-5376