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LTO-5 and TS3200

  • 1.  LTO-5 and TS3200

    Posted Sun January 09, 2022 03:33 PM

    Hi all

    I got TS3200 lib with lto4 drive, but decided to use LTFS-LE free edition and got used LTO-5 drive (Spectra FC module from ebay)

    Drive LTO5 FH FC, partnum mentioned in ts3200 supported drives, firmwares in lib and drive updated to latest from FixCentral (F01 and H976), drivers too (3.0.59), os is Centos 7.6, HBA is QLogic Corp. ISP2432-based 4Gb Fibre Channel. 

    When drive used as standalone (direct connection to HBA via FC optic patchcord) - all works ok excluding low speed (real data and itdt system test - 67mb/s at any block size and compression mode), LTFS-SDE formatting/mount/read/write/unmount/ejects ok.


    When i set that LTO5 drive to LTO-4 sled - it detected ok but immediately moves empty mechanics to inside drive as like cartridge there and goes to error "bad tape in drive". Sled connector is ok, set to same connector as in LTO4 drive (rs422 control ???)

    so i have couple questions:

    1. Could it be fixed/used in TS3200? is it any info about rs422 library drive control protocol? is it any description of connectors on back side of drive?

    2. Is it possible to fix low speed issue? how to find bottleneck here?

    Lib is used for personal purposes, so cannot get new TS lib and Drive :). Here it is overpriced and rare :)

    Thanks in advance for any info/suggestions.

    Vladimir, Ukraine

    V K