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    Posted Wed January 25, 2023 09:24 AM
    Hi. My Name is Eduardo Ritegno, I&T Senior Consultant at UIF Argentina (Unidad de Información Financiera) a Government Agency.

    We currently run a hybrid IT Architecture with different Technology assets, including an IBM Storwize V3700 that hosts critical information supporting one of our core business applications.

    This asset had an issue by the end of the year and is currently down with a critical business impact. We elevated the case TS011796122 to IBM support last Jan 10th describing the kind of issue (Several alarms, battery, flash memory and system halted). There is absolutely no access to the data until system is restarted and possibly battery replacement.

    The case started with Severity 2, after that I escalated it to Severity 1. Also, we received an initial estimate (2 hours of service) with the details of an initial diagnose to be performed which we accepted immediately.

    Even though IBM is requesting a work order from our Agency to start the work we explained that for certain amounts we don't issue work orders and we offered to pay the estimate upfront.

    14 days have elapsed, our system still is down, and nothing happened yet. After many calls to Customer Support the response is always the same. The case is under administrative evaluation. We will call you soon. The call never comes neither a response from any of the specialists that are in our mail list including

    I am really surprised of the lack of response we are getting from a Company like IBM, this is a severe issue we are getting, we offered to pay upfront, we sent an initial diagnose by our technical team, but we are depending on the visit of a technician to resolve the issue and restart the equipment.

    It is a real shame what is happening, and I am recurring to this blog as my last resource to see if somebody can take this case and help us.
    Thank you in advance

    Eduardo Ritegno