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  • 1.  FS5000 and SNMP Connection failed

    Posted Fri December 16, 2022 10:07 AM
    We have a FS5000 (FW in use. We would like to integrate this storage into our monitor system (Observium) via SNMP. Currently we monitor 80 devices of various manufacturers with it without any problems. All attempts, whether via SNMP-V2 or SNMP-V3 failed. The devices are in the same IP subnet and can be reached via PING. There is no routing or VLAning in use. All simple tests via snmp get/walk fail. There is no response or error message from the SAN. Does anyone have any ideas or TIP.

    oe 25


  • 2.  RE: FS5000 and SNMP Connection failed

    User Group Leader
    Posted Mon December 19, 2022 01:53 AM
    IBM Spectrum Virtualize supports only SNMP alerts. Neither SNMP get nor walk works.

    Keigo Matsubara, Storage Solution CTS, IBM Japan