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DS8K Safeguarded Copy backup & recovery understanding

  • 1.  DS8K Safeguarded Copy backup & recovery understanding

    Posted Wed May 29, 2024 09:17 AM


    would like to have a clearer picture on how SGC backup and recovery work. I am reading the redbook REDP-5506-04 and need to clear some questions.

    1) Backups are metadata and bitmaps changes to the source volume at the point in time when the backups are taken. Correct?

    2) At page 13 in the redbook, it stated "To restore to a certain recovery point, the DS8000 needs all backups that are younger than the one to recover."
    so, for example.. i have backups t1 to t45. I want to restore t20. Do i need t1 to t19 backups? or Do i need t45 to t21 backups? 

    My understanding is, DS8k will FC the source vol to Reovery volume and built the bitmaps from the change log between t45 to t44, then t44 to t43 and so on till t20. is my understanding correct? 

    Anyone have a clearer explaination of SGC backup and recovery ? Thanks in advance..


    YS Lye


    Yang Suah Lye