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  • 1.  DS8870

    Posted Mon March 04, 2024 04:31 PM

    I can't log in with DS STORAGE MANAGER GUI. I get the message "DS NETWORK SERVER IS UNAVAILABLE" 


  • 2.  RE: DS8870

    Posted Tue March 05, 2024 01:47 AM

    Have you tried to restart the HMC (or HMCs if your DS has two)?

    Sergio Pardos

  • 3.  RE: DS8870

    Posted Tue March 05, 2024 02:03 AM
    Yes, I restarted the HMC. But telnet IP ADDRESS HMC 1751 failed

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  • 4.  RE: DS8870

    Posted Tue March 05, 2024 03:01 AM
    you might need to raise a support case, but I am not sure if the DS8870  is still supported.

    Sergio Pardos

  • 5.  RE: DS8870

    IBM Champion
    Posted Tue March 05, 2024 04:12 AM


    Have you checked that everything is ok with your IP network connectivity, and that you can reach other IP addresses on the same subnet?

    Could also be down to the DS network server being overloaded. Do you know if there are a lot of concurrent connections to the DS8K GUI? If so, try closing some connections.

    Can you log onto the HMC directly, at the physical console, and check that the network server is enabled?



    Darren Sanders
    Technical Architect - Data Protection & Storage
    Celerity Ltd
    #ibmchampion storage

  • 6.  RE: DS8870

    Posted Tue March 05, 2024 05:02 AM
    yes I tried, I restarted the HMC several times.
    but this I noticed
    telnet on port 1750 works very well.

    but telnet to port 1751 fails.

    thank you for your comeback.

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  • 7.  RE: DS8870

    Posted Wed March 06, 2024 09:52 AM

    Telnet ?  You can't telnet to the HMC. dsCLI is used on port 1750(unsecure) and with newer code port 1751.
    GUI does not support http since along time. 
    Are you using port 8452 ?  https://< hmc ip address >:8452/DS8000/Login

    Tony Eriksson