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  • 1.  DS8000 API for monitoring

    Posted 3 days ago

    I'm trying to set up some basic monitoring of a DS8000 system using the API reference as a guide. I'd like to be able to query the system every few minutes and filter out active errors/warnings for our monitoring systems.

    Can anyone here clarify for me if it is possible to filter events by active / inactive status via the API like you can do via the UI?

    The limited information in the API doc doesn't provide a way to do this. The parameters returned in the query do not indicate whether the event is inactive either.

    GET /v1/events[?severity=info,warning,error&after=2014-04-20T13:00:00+0800&before=2014-04-20T13:00:59+0800]
    "id" : "SE..."
    "type" : "PoolCapacityChanged" ,
    "severity" : "error",
    "time" : "2014-04-20T13:00:23-0700",
    "resource_id" : "",
    "formatted_parameter" : [ ]

    When I issue the query I end up with a bunch of warnings and errors and have no way of verifying if they are still relevant or have already been addressed.

    Any suggestions?

    Hlynur Kristjánsson

  • 2.  RE: DS8000 API for monitoring

    Posted 6 hours ago

    Hi Hlynur,

    Sorry this isn't a direct suggestion regarding the API you're investigating. However, in reading your post, it made me think of a potential solution being OMEGAMON for Storage on z/OS which provides both the current status and context for whether problems still exist. In other words, the monitoring system has this feature built in. Not sure if this would be helpfiul for you or not but figured I'd drop a note -

    Andrew Bowker