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Distributed Storage managers blinking to Mainframe Storage

  • 1.  Distributed Storage managers blinking to Mainframe Storage

    Posted Wed December 02, 2020 01:38 PM
    Mainframe lovers,
    Have you encountered new distributed storage managers taking over Mainframe roles?
    Have you noticed their biases in their conversations while building up or planning refreshes of the infrastructure?
    Could you share your experience?

  • 2.  RE: Distributed Storage managers blinking to Mainframe Storage

    Posted Thu December 03, 2020 04:54 PM
    Yes, both in this organisation and with external clients (I work with both).   Typically many Storage Engineering groups as the Midrange Storage techs fall into, have management/ lead / Exec structures who come from a diverse range of backgrounds and tend to understand at a high level Midrange Storage but have no real clue about Mainframe Storage, but try to run it the same way and on the same diminishing dime as they do many things.   I believe that as the storage management within Open Systems / Midrange becomes larger and the techs more time poor, automation of those environments, and running them off to the bidder with the lowest $cost per TB (whether that be on prem/off prem /dedicated or Cloud) is the way these new breed of managers run it.   Once that's done, the managers have little use for a large team of techs i.e. just enough, and they've made their "savings", so with no further tricks to pull out of the bag, move on before your position is deemed untenable and your few Storage techs absorbed elsewhere - and if there is a position there to manage a team of Mainframe folk which so far has not had too much creep into off-prem Cloud, that gives them some time and a slot to exist in (and they can still flaunt the "look, I've managed Storage, I understand it").  And the shorter answer re MF Storage  is : No, they don't.   //My opinion, Batteries not included. //PJL.

    PAUL LOANEY - Mainframe and Storage Zealot.