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  • Hi Mike, the IBM Bladecenter was sold to Lenovo several years ago. Please try ------------------------------ Peter Basmajian Global Product Marketing and Advocacy, IBM San Francisco CA 650-542-7246 ------------------------------

  • Odd that I never received a notice about this. I'm totally confused about where the IBM forums have or are moving to. I've been to where it says we should come here. I come here and there is barely any activity. Where are the community ...

  • Hi Mike, Is there something specific you are looking for? ------------------------------ Kaila Timmons User Group Manager ------------------------------

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  • Peter Basmajian, IBM Storage Product Marketing and Advocacy Welcome to the IBM Storage community! I’m Peter Basmajian, your IBM Storage community manager. I'm excited to work with you to build this community. We want this to become the main way ...

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    Welcome to the IBM Storage community, a collaborative community space for IBM Storage Users. We invite you to share your voice and take full advantage of the resources and expertise offered in this community. Find a group: Join product-focused ...

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