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    Dear IBM Storage Client Community Members:
    As part of our technical community, we come to you first for opportunities to tell your story. 

    We have several speaking opportunities for IBM clients only described below at IBM's THINK digital conference on May 11-12 and wanted to offer you an opportunity to present your experience with IBM Storage, based on any of the following topics. 
    This is a rare chance to build industry recognition and prominence at IBM's largest annual conference.
    We can get you included in this major IBM event if you 'reply' privately above to this post before Friday February 26.  I can customize any of the following titles/abstracts based on your experience, and accommodate you either (a) on a panel or (b) as a primary presenter in most cases.
    1. Session #1372: Transforming Hybrid Cloud with IBM Storage
      IBM Storage enables clients to achieve greater data resilience, application modernization, and advanced data services across enterprises of any architecture – on-premises, in the cloud, and at the edge.  Join this session to learn how <your company name here> has partnered with IBM to create a powerful hybrid cloud to ...<your experience here>.
    2. Session #1474: High Performance Data Services for AI
      Fueled by data, AI is transforming how businesses operate and deliver value, while improving efficiencies across the organization.  Data silos and the lack of data agility is slowing modernization efforts.  IBM Storage with global data access is modernizing IT for AI and hybrid cloud.  In this panel session hosted by IBM storage evangelist and VP of Worldwide Storage Channels, Eric Herzog will discuss how IBM is modernizing infrastructure for AI, edge and hybrid cloud opportunities.
    3. Session #1468: Strengthen Your Hybrid Cloud and Application Modernization Strategy with the Right Storage
      Organizations like yours are transforming and turning to new technologies to deliver better customer experiences. Containers have emerged as a a key enabler of hybrid cloud and application modernization strategies. At the same time these environments bring new storage challenges as they require a consistent and persistent data to support containers. Hear how <Your Company> successfully faced this challenge by using containers to <your experience here> and modernize application infrastructure.
    4. Session #1497: How to Architect Modern Data Resilience for Containers and Hybrid Cloud Environments
      Traditional backup techniques can't keep up with today's complex IT environment. Modern capabilities, such as holistic workload protection, instant data recovery, and the ability to support cyber resilience are now essential. This session will outline how the IBM Spectrum Protect portfolio can help you build a data resilience strategy that help your company adapt to new environments, such as container management platforms and hybrid cloud services to keep data safe, no matter where it lives.
    5. Session #1270: IBM Storage Sets the Bar for Cyber Resilience
      Data breaches are among the gravest threats to today's businesses. In 2021, cybercrime damages might reach US$6 trillion - what would be equivalent to the gross domestic product of the world's third largest economy. Due to the increase in frequency, cybercrime has become the new normal, and companies need to change their outlook from 'if' they get attacked, to 'when'.  Join this panel to discover how IBM can strengthen your cyber-resiliency position and enable recovery from adverse cyber events.   
    6. Session #1452: Reduce Cost, Improve Responsiveness, and Simplify Operations with IBM Storage as a Service
      Clients using hybrid cloud models see the financial and operational benefits of public cloud and hosted private cloud. Now, those benefits are available for on-premises private cloud and traditional storage. This session will discuss new IBM storage-as-a-service offerings and how they can speed responsiveness, reduce cost, and enable a move from CAPEX to OPEX.
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