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Spectrum Control DB2 Upgrade?

  • 1.  Spectrum Control DB2 Upgrade?

    Posted Tue June 22, 2021 10:21 AM

    I need some advice on upgrading Spectrum Control and hoping someone could provide some simple guidance, specifically around the DB2 upgrade.

    Here's our current setup:
    • Windows install of SC
    • current version
      • DB2 v10.5.700.375
    • version we want to go too (I realise it's just been updated, but this version is the one we would like to upgrade too, and because of our archaic customer ingest process, with reduced resources due to Covid, I don't want to waste another 2 months getting the latest one in!)
      • Failed to upgrade as it requires DB2 v11.1.3031.368 or v11.5.0.1077
    As above, I tried the upgrade of SC, and as I thought would happen from the upgrade pages, our current version of DB2 is not supported.

    Now I'm no DBA, and we have no DBA's here with DB2 knowledge of how to upgrade it. All the webpages I get on the Spectrum Control website simply point to IBM DB2 upgrade pages, which start off along the lines of  "you must have a working knowledge of DB2 to perform these upgrades".

    Doing some digging I am downloading from Passport Advantage the latest IBM DB2 Server 11.5.4 (CC6WHML), and DB2 Activiation file (CC36WML) hopefully these are the right versions I need.

    Now to perform the upgrade, this is where things get wooly, how is this done outside of the control of a Spectrum Control fresh install. I've found a setup.exe in the zip file (DB2S_11.5.4_MPML\SERVER_DEC\IMAGE\ folder), do I just run that? Anyone have any tips or tricks, or even a simple task list of what I need to do? 

    I am very reluctant to bin the current Spectrum Control server with years of data in it and replace it with a brand new install, I would prefer a "simple" upgrade.

    Any help or advice will be gratefully received.



    Andy Heath

  • 2.  RE: Spectrum Control DB2 Upgrade?

    Posted Tue June 22, 2021 10:55 AM

    Hi Andy.  Reading through your post, it seems like you are generally on the right track for doing the upgrades.  I recommend taking a look at this topic in the IBM Documentation for Spectrum Control that covers a DB2 upgrade from 10.5 to 11.5.

    Example of upgrading Db2 in a Windows environment

    Step 5 to take the backup is key to having the data to recover if anything were to go wrong.  If your system is a VM, a snapshot is also an option to quickly restore a prior environment.  Before you begin, it is also important to make sure your Windows operating system is one supported with DB2 11.5.

    DB2 support for Spectrum Control + links to IBM Documentation for DB2 -
    Operating system support for Spectrum Control -

    If you have problems with the installation of DB2 or Spectrum Control, please reach out to IBM Support by opening a case.



    Johanna Hislop