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LTO-8 drive on a Linux machine

  • 1.  LTO-8 drive on a Linux machine

    Posted Tue November 30, 2021 07:03 AM
    Hello all,

    Wanted to ask for a little help, and having trouble finding the best place to do that.  Have a somewhat easy question (I think).  I just bought an IBM LTO-8 drive.  Have been installing it on Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux machine).  I think I got it all installed following the guides on the IBM support site.

    My question... is there a GUI that I can use to interact with the drive?  Or is it command line only on Linux?  I would like to have a GUI to be able to format, and drag and drop files to do backups.  Is this at all possible.  I installed the IBM Spectrum Archive SDE software (the version 2.4.4 linux package) and it seemed to install.  But I can't seem to access the drive using the GUI file manager.  Is this possible under Linux?

    I have an older LTO drive installed on a Windows machine (using the Spectrum Archive SDE software) and on there.. I can use the File Explorer to format tapes and copy files to/from the drive.  Can I get a GUI on Linux or do I need to use Windows again for this new LTO-8 drive?

    Thanks all!


    Peter Berg

  • 2.  RE: LTO-8 drive on a Linux machine

    Posted Tue November 30, 2021 07:19 AM