Primary Storage and IBM Spectrum Virtualize

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FlashCopy Protection

  • 1.  FlashCopy Protection

    Posted Mon January 18, 2021 03:46 AM
    Hello All,

    In Spectrum Virtualize we have the FlashCopy feature
    Is there any way to prevent my FlashCopy mappings from being deleted on purpose or accidentally?
    An example could be that mapping can only be deleted after 7 days.



  • 2.  RE: FlashCopy Protection

    Posted Tue January 19, 2021 03:03 AM
    Hello Masteen,

    Currently there is no such an option. But I know there is a roadmap for a SafeGuard copy opiton on Spectrum Virtualize which might help you.
    I would look up for it on 8.4.x

    hope this would help you.

    Gabriel Dragan

  • 3.  RE: FlashCopy Protection

    Posted Tue January 19, 2021 10:56 AM
    Until, SafeGuarded copy is available as Gabriel posted, you could manage the FlashCopy relationships for Spectrum Virtualize through Copy Services Manager (CSM) which has support for Dual Control.  This can add protection against someone deleting an older flash as a second person would have to confirm the deletion.  CSM also provides Scheduled Tasks that you can setup to flash on a given schedule so that you could manage a 7 day retention.

    Randy Blea
    (512) 286-5376