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Key Terminology used by IBM Storage Defender's Data Resiliency Service

By TRISHALI NAYAR posted Mon December 18, 2023 02:54 AM


IBM Storage Defender provides unified, end-to-end data resiliency across your primary and secondary workloads.

Its 1.0 release provides a service called Data Management Service (DMS)

The recently released Defender 2.0 adds a second service, Data Resiliency Service (DRS) which is now available for Trial.

Both these services can be accessed from the same SaaS portal hosted in IBM Cloud. The authentication and authorization is done via IBM Security Verify.

Lets try to understand some of the key terms used in DRS:

Connection Manager - An agent that is deployed in a customers data center and is securely connected to DRS. 

Inventory - The metadata collected by the connection manager from the customer's data center and used by DRS. The currently supported workloads are VMware and Data Protect clusters.

Recovery Group - A collection of resources that represent an application for a tenant or customer. 

Resource - A data source in the inventory and assigned to a recovery group. Eg- a VM running in VMware vCenter.

Malware Sensor - An agent deployed onto a resource that alerts DRS, as soon as a malware behavior is detected or suspected.

Trust Index - A DRS calculated assessment of the trust an administrator may assign to a recovery group.  A downturn in the trust index should be investigated and may be indicative of a malware occurrence. Events from the Malware Sensors are currently used for trust index calculation. A 'Case' is opened in the UI to inform the administrator, when an 'Alert' event is received from  any of the sensors associated with the recovery group.

Recovery Plan - A collection of recovery points, some of which may have been tested and validated beforehand. These can be used at the time of need, i.e. to restore the entire recovery group quickly.

Recovery Point - A point in time group of recovery copies/backups for resources assigned to a recovery group. 

Recovery Profile - The user preferences defined for recovery (and testing) of a recovery group.  This includes the target location for the recovery.

For more details on Defender, please follow: IBM Storage Defender - IBM Documentation