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The sudo of monitoring IBM Spectrum Virtualize performance

By TIBERIU HAJAS posted Fri November 06, 2020 09:03 PM

There is no need for introduction to any Unix/Linux system administrator of the powers of sudo :
which stands for "superuser do" and it's designed to allow any non administrative users to run commands as it was superuser. 

Now if you are a storage administrator that uses IBM Spectrum Control/IBM Storage Insights to manage your infrastructure, you will inevitably have IBM Spectrum Virtualize as your go to hardware for virtualization,  naturally you feel uneasy about giving access at superuser of your cluster to be monitored.

The good news is that with IBM Spectrum Control 5.4.0 you will be able to monitor the IBM Spectrum Virtualize with Monitor user role defined on the cluster, just make sure that your IBM Spectrum Virtualize cluster level is at

there is one little caveat though, if the superuser (Administrator or SecurityAdmin) had stopped the performance monitoring, you will need to get that manually started from the cluster by running the following command (by the administrator) : 
svctask startstats -interval time in minutes

where the interval must be less than or equal to the performance monitor interval for the storage system in IBM Spectrum Control.  In  IBM Spectrum Control the minimum can be 1 minute, while in IBM Storage Insights at 5 minutes.