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On-going innovation together

By STEVE LUSNIA posted Tue July 11, 2017 02:44 PM

IBM and Cisco have a 15-year history of demonstrated joint success, with tens of thousands of shared customers. The companies provide industry-leading solutions in data center computing, converged infrastructure, networking, mobility, analytics, and the Internet of Things. Together, IBM and Cisco have maintained an aggressive cadence of new technology development and product releases that help our shared customers increase business agility, lower costs, and gain competitive advantage.

The announcement this week of Cisco’s new M5 generation of UCS systems continues the trend of market-leading innovation. Over the past three years, IBM has collaborated with Cisco to bring VersaStack converged infrastructure solutions to our worldwide customer base. VersaStack combines Cisco UCS components with IBM software defined storage to create converged infrastructure solutions that enable enterprises to reduce design, deployment, and management overhead; lower TCO; and simplify scalability.

During the past year, IBM and Cisco have substantially broadened the VersaStack portfolio, adding solutions optimized to address hybrid cloud, VDI, remote and branch office, private cloud, and object storage requirements, among others. These VersaStack solutions will now be enhanced by the additional features and capabilities available in the new UCS M5 Series.

Along with enhancements to the UCS platform such as more powerful processors and increased memory, the highest GPU density in the industry, plug-and-play rack and blade servers, and highly modular designs, the new M5 technology extends the UCS Unified management approach to the cloud. This new cloud functionality, in particular, creates additional synergies within the VersaStack platform, where IBM has also recently added multiple new cloud capabilities on the storage side.

IBM congratulates Cisco on the release of the new UCS M5 Series, with all the added benefits and advantages it brings to our thousands of shared customers. Together, IBM and Cisco continue to drive the technology innovation that fuels 21st century business.