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MDP Vodcast 1001 - Protecting Data at Scale

By Steve Kenniston posted 27 days ago

As data continues to grow without bound, protecting this data and having the ability to meet business SLAs in the event of downtime is getting more and more difficult.  We have created a new Vodcast that is designed to provide you with questions to ask and things to think about when it comes to evolving your data protection architecture.  SpectrumCast, a new Vodcast with myself, Steve Kenniston and my co-host Randy Arseneau along with industry subject matter experts Tricia Jiang and Sean Sperry each week will dive into topics around what today's modern data protection looks like.

This week we will talk about questions data protection practitioners should be asking themselves when it comes to protecting their data at large scale in order to provide recoveries that meet business SLAs when things go bump in the night.

If you have any comments or questions, please ask and we will follow up. In addition, if you have topics you would like to see in SpectrumCast for Modern Data Protection, please let us know.