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TS7700, Call Home Connect Cloud, Health Checker and more

By STEFAN LEHMANN posted Wed September 08, 2021 07:33 PM

Call Home Connect Cloud is a web-based client user interface that has been created to allow client access to call home data of their IBM systems through IBM Support:

Once logged in the client will be able to manage registered systems and view call home events.

An introduction to Call Home Connect Cloud is available here:

A newly deployed Health Checker infrastructure for TS7700 has introduced analytics capabilities which are used to provide valuable insights into the data sent by storage systems.

To take advantage of this new capability following Health Checker rule has been implemented:
  • vtd_exec check for presence and appropriate version
Note: To encourage clients to install latest TS7700 code this rule has only been enabled for systems at or above minimum code level as documented here: https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/node/6334607

The individual alerts can be accessed by opening any of the listed asset details by clicking the respective link:

The actual alert information is included in the alert section.
In this case a full report of installed vtd_exec, either downlevel or at expected level, as well as any missing vtd_exec:

A more ideal result would obviously be one that reports all vtd_exec at proper level:
Note: The actual list of required vtd_exec may vary based on system code level, installed features and certain hardware functions.

Any client utilizing TS7760 and/or TS7770 at minimum or above code level can take advantage of this new capability to more efficiently plan future remote code load engagements.
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