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IBM ESS - "yum repolist" not working after container restart - Gateway added to Management Network

By SHRADHA THAKARE posted Wed June 09, 2021 06:38 AM

IBM ESS "yum repolist" not working after container restart. 

Firstly, we provided steps to clean up and create new container. After they did that, "yum repolist" was working. However, they complained again, that it stopped working.

Upon having webex session we learnt that customer had done the following:
1. They modified "mgmt_bridge" and added a gateway to be able to reach EMS GUI from their network
2. After that they restarted container, but now mgmt_bridge has been reset and yum repolist was not working any more.

The solution to this problem is:
We do not support routing for the mgmt network. 
After correcting things started working.