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All data needs to be protected. How are you approaching data resilience for containers?

By SANDRA TERESA PELAEZ ANGELES posted Fri September 10, 2021 12:24 PM


Development and operations teams are moving to containers because they are nimble and agile, enabling great portability, application availability, and require few system resources.  According to an IDC survey, worldwide more than 50% of companies surveyed have deployed containers in their environments, with over 34% citing production deployments1.

As containerized applications move into production, IDC recommends “companies take a holistic data protection, data management, and data security approach for expanding their container and microservices strategy1.”

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus provides unified data protection, data recovery, data retention, and data reuse for physical, virtualized, and container-based workloads, designed specifically to support the scale, performance, and mobility requirements of container environments across public or hybrid cloud environments. IBM offers backup and recovery of the entire application, including data, metadata, and any other Red Hat OpenShift / Kubernetes objects associated with the application so it is protected and able to be restored from any point in time.

IBM can help improve your containers data resilience strategy by providing the following benefits:

Maximize Developer Productivity – IBM Spectrum Protect Plus with its secure self-service, enables Red Hat OpenShift / Kubernetes administrators and application developers to use the familiar Kubernetes CLI and SLA policies to protect and use data in persistent volumes (PV).

Lower Storage Costs - IBM Spectrum Protect Plus supports multiple data storage types to provide the most cost-efficient storage. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus supports container-native storage for Red Hat CephFS, Red Hat Ceph Storage RADOS Block Device (RBD) CSI snapshots; and container-ready storage in IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI, IBM Spectrum Scale, and IBM Spectrum Virtualize for IBM FlashSystem and 500+ storage systems.

Drive Operational Efficiency - IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is an end-to-end data resilience solution that unifies and automates data protection and data reuse processes across physical, virtual, and containerized infrastructures. Developers can use policies to create copies of container data for protection or data reuse. Data can be copied to secondary sites, cloud object storage, or IBM Spectrum Protect for secure long-term data retention.

Support Cyber Resilience - To protect data against cyberattacks, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus provides the ability to securely store container data in Red Hat Ceph Storage and in immutable IBM Cloud Object Storage.

Thanks to a strong collaborative effort between IBM Storage and Red Hat Data Services, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus and Red Hat OpenShift work hand in hand to strengthen data protection and data resilience in container environments.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is now available on the Red Hat Marketplace; clients can buy the solution directly from this site to start protecting all their data, no matter where it lives.

For more information on how you can use IBM Spectrum Protect Plus to protect containerized applications in Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes environments, you can listen to this vodcast, or check out the following resources:

  • IBM Spectrum Protect Plus for OpenShift demo
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 1IDC, The Importance of Data Management and Protection for Containers and Cloud-native Applications.. October 2020.– Doc # US46961420.