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Simplify data protection, availability, and access for VMware and application workloads on IBM Cloud

By SANDRA TERESA PELAEZ ANGELES posted Fri April 30, 2021 09:33 AM


Simplify data protection, availability, and access for VMware and application workloads on IBM Cloud

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus on IBM Cloud is an enterprise proven data resilience solution for physical, virtual, and containerized environments that provides instant recovery and instant access to your backup data for new use cases such as test and development, DevOps, analytics or reporting.

The latest version of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is now available in the IBM Cloud Catalog with push-button simplicity. It simplifies VM, application, and file recovery with easy to use SLA driven data protection setup and search engine like recovery for VMs and files. Advanced access controls enable IT to provide secure, self-service access to data for the lines of business that need to be able to leverage data for multiple use cases. It provides automation and orchestration enabling access to your backup data for purposes other than recovery, unlocking the value of your backup data.

Clients can deploy IBM Spectrum Protect Plus within IBM Cloud for an “all in the cloud” data protection experience, or they can utilize it in hybrid and multicloud environments, protecting cloud workloads even if the platform is orchestrated from an on-premises infrastructure.

Once deployed, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus builds a catalog of the VMs, applications, and files within the protected VMs. It does this using the data-protection APIs present in virtual environments eliminating the need for backup agents. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus maintains a global catalog of all copies of VMs, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, Windows files, and DB2, Oracle, MongoDB, databases under protection, giving administrators the ability to see what is protected—and more importantly, what isn’t.

When the need to recover or access data arises, the catalog enables administrators to quickly search for and identify what they want to recover or access instead of browsing through hundreds of objects and recovery points. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus enables instant access and restore from the catalog so that administratorscan quickly restore the organization’s operations.

Key solution benefits:

  • Effective data backup, recovery, and data reuse for IBM Cloud workloads so that backup administrators can focus on other activities.
  • Unified data resilience across on-prem and cloud environments.
  • Instant recovery driving faster RTOs and increased business up-time.
  • Self-service provides data access to the people who need it, simply and easily.
  • Robust reporting to instantly identify storage utilization and backup compliance status ensuring data protection.
  • Lower CapEx / OpEx with automated data offload to cost-effective storage.

As companies start their journey to hybrid cloud, they must modernize infrastructure to protect and manage data growth and cloud-based workloads. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus on IBM Cloud delivers a simplified and flexible data management foundation for companies to drive efficiencies and cost reductions while continuing to innovate.

To learn more about IBM Spectrum Protect Plus on IBM Cloud and try it for free for 30 days, visit the IBM Cloud catalog.

In addition, please take a look at the new IBM Spectrum Protect Plus server and vSnap download from the IBM Cloud Catalog Demo for the use of the 30-day trial license.