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What's new in the IBM Spectrum Protect Portfolio

By SANDRA TERESA PELAEZ ANGELES posted Tue April 27, 2021 09:06 AM


What’s new in the IBM Data Resilience Portfolio

Several major trends are reshaping data resilience requirements. Digital transformation is driving massive data growth, cloud consumption is increasing, cyberattacks continue to rise, and the majority of containerized applications now have stateful data that requires persistent storage that needs to be protected.

These factors have made data resilience one of the top priorities for many organizations. A recent research from ESG shows that 50% of organizations will increase their data protection spending in 2021, and improving backup and recovery is the area of data center modernization in which the largest percentage of respondents expected to make significant investments over the next 12-18 months1. And according to ESG, cybersecurity is the top business initiative driving IT spending in 20212.

Fortunately, IBM’s Storage solutions are rapidly evolving to meet these challenges and help companies adapt to new environments, such as container management platforms and hybrid cloud infrastructure, to keep data safe, no matter where it lives.

Today, IBM Storage is announcing several enhancements to its data resilience portfolio to enrich its container and workload support.

In particular, the new release of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus provides the following key benefits:

  • Enhanced Red Hat OpenShift data resilience by adding support for CephFS and IBM Spectrum Scale CSI snapshots in container environments.

  • Improved capability to scale up the protection of virtualized environments and SaaS applications.

  • Database protection enhancements simplify storage management for Oracle DBAs by providing granular control over Oracle log retention; and Microsoft SQL Server DBAs by providing more flexibility when protecting Always On configurations.

In addition to the updateto IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, IBM is also announcing enhancements to IBM Spectrum Protect and IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management.

The latest release of IBM Spectrum Protect includes:

  • Retention sets for applications to help clients meet their regulatory compliance requirements with optimized management of long-term retention copies of Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server backups, which can reduce CapEx and OpEx storage costs.
  • Faster restores from cloud storage (object storage) by enabling a “smart cache” that increases performance during restore operations, helping businesses recover operations more quickly.
  • Faster backups when protecting SAP and Oracle workloads to help reduce backup windows and add the ability to handle larger databases in a shorter amount of time.

And the new version of IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management expands the support for SAP HANA database protection to include multitenant SAP HANA databases

Additionally, IBM is announcing that in 2Q of 2021 clients will be able to deploy the new version of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus directly from the IBM Cloud Catalog. Clients can deploy IBM Spectrum Protect Plus within IBM Cloud for an “all in the cloud” data protection experience, or they can utilize it in hybrid environments, protecting cloud workloads even if the platform is orchestrated from an on-premises infrastructure.

More than ever before, data protection and cyber resilience for vital data assets are on the minds and the agendas of business and IT professionals. As more applications and workloads move to containers and the cloud, enterprises need modern data resilience and storage efficiency solutions with the technology and sophistication needed to enable today’s businesses.

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