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How to Simplify Data Resilience for Containers with IBM and Red Hat

By SANDRA TERESA PELAEZ ANGELES posted Tue January 26, 2021 10:00 AM


The new release of Red Hat Openshift Container Storage and IBM Spectrum Protect Plus provide a powerful data resilience solution for containers.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage 4.6 now offers data resilience for OpenShift; this latest release enables end-to-end protection of OpenShift applications.

The unique combination of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, Red Hat OpenShift, and Kubernetes enables users to protect, back up, recover and reuse container persistent data, including namespaces, resources, and metadata providing for disaster recovery or app/dev/test efforts. 

Key benefits of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus for container environments are:

  • Unified data resilience and operational efficiency: IBM Spectrum Protect Plus unifies data recovery, data retention, and data reuse for physical, virtualized, and container-based workloads in one single solution.
  • Maximized developer productivity: Kubernetes administrators and application developers can use the native command-line interface (kubectl) to enable data protection for their containerized applications.
  • Reduced storage costs: IBM Spectrum Protect Plus uses CSI snapshots to protect persistent container volumes. It also supports container-native storage via Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage / Red Hat Ceph Storage RADOS Block Device (RBD) CSI snapshots, and container ready storage via support for CSI snapshots in IBM Spectrum Virtualize for IBM FlashSystem and 500+ storage systems.  
  • Enhanced cyber resilience: IBM Spectrum Protect Plus provides the ability to store container data in Red Hat Ceph Storage, in immutable IBM Cloud Object Storage, or air-gap data using IBM tape via IBM Spectrum Protect.
Find more information on how you can use IBM Spectrum Protect Plus to protect containerized applications in Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes environments here.