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Observability of IBM Storage as a Service Environments via IBM Storage Insights

By SANDEEP PATIL posted Sun April 09, 2023 06:37 AM


A scalable and affordable means to store, manage, and access data is offered to organizations through Storage as a Service (STaaS). The customer often pays a monthly charge to store their data - allowing consumers  to adopt to OPEX cost models instead of CAPEX.  Typically, on-prem STaaS solutions can also provide faster and low latency access to data than cloud-based solutions, as the data is stored locally. Basically, customers plan for storage  based on service level adherence (SLA) expected from the storage for their applications and the STaaS provider does the rest.

IBM Storage as-a-Service (STaaS) gives  critical applications direct access to secure, high-performance storage. It allows consumers to adopt to OPEX cost models instead of CAPEX – more like pay only for what you use, when you consume it.  There are various options and tiers for consumers to choose from.  In STaaS observability of the storage system is key – to monitor the SLA (Performance/ Capacity/Support Tickets, etc.) With IBM STaaS, users also get Storage Insight Pro for their StaaS Storage which serves as a single pane of glass for overall observability and monitoring.

Storage Insights provides the following benefits for your STaaS tiers

  • Storage observability  on single or fleet of STaaS Tiers which includes STaaS tier health, notification, alerts
  • Proactive Support with in-place ticketing capability
  • Detail Performance stats for each STaaS Tier
  • Tier based capacity usage on daily and monthly basis

Fore more info on IBM STaaS offering:

Below is a brief demo that shows exhibit the benefits.