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What's New in IBM Spectrum Scale 5.0.2 ?

By SANDEEP PATIL posted Sat September 15, 2018 10:31 PM

IBM Spectrum Scale 5.0.2 has released and it is interesting to know what's new in it. Here is a quick succinct summary:

  • Watch Folders - An much awaited feature that providers flexible API which allows programmatic actions to be taken based on filesystem events. Can be run against directories, filesets, and inode spaces. For Use of this feature for your use case in production , contact IBM.

  • For Big Data and Analytics workloads, now there is support for Hortonworks Data Platform 3.0 and Management Pack, Support for Apache Hadoop 3.0.x, Support for native HDFS encryption and improvements in FPO based setup for scanning of inconsistent replicas.

  • Various enhancements to core file systems like stat cache available on Linux platform, auto rebuilds of GPFS portable layer post Linux kernel upgrades, performance optimization for mmchconfig commands and improvements in LTFS EE integration like optimization in order to reduce the possibility of recall storms during backups. In addition mmnetverify (a must use CLI for Spectrum Scale problem determination) extension to remote clusters.

  • GUI enhancements which includes quota and capacity monitoring of remote clusters, ability to enable/disable File audit logging and security fixes which includes logging off of users on change of passwords or roles, etc.

  • Improved system health monitoring of CES , Grafana bridge updates and performance data management of cluster components that are removed.

  • REST API continue to grow in functionality with support for change and retrieval of SMB ACL and Configuration/ management of File audit logging.

  • File Audit logging that was introduced in 5.0 release, now has multi-cluster (remote mount) support and support for IBM System Z.

  • Deployment toolkit which helps the ease of Spectrum Scale deployments now has support for System Z, Ubuntu 18.04/18.04.1 and support for file audit logging along with watch folders. Additionally there has been improvements in the toolkit for different upgrade scenarios

  • In addition to above, with Spectrum Scale 5.0.2 NFS supports NFSv4 pseudo path , AFM enhancements to modify gateway nodes for a fileset, AFM pre-fetch option enhancements and read-only AFM relationships using read-only NFS exports. And yeah, currency for Ubuntu 18.04.1 kernel support as well as Windows 10 Enterprise Edition client support was added.