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SAP HANA & Storage: Looking for a Blueprint for backend File Storage ?

By SANDEEP PATIL posted Mon May 29, 2017 02:50 PM


SAP HANA as we all know is the in-memory RDMS (column oriented) by SAP. SAP HANA deployments are on the rise as they provide agility, profitibility and allow business to excel by processing high volume transactions & analytics together, enabling real time operational intelligence enabling analytics in insight driven applications, etc (for more SAP HANA use-case click here

One of the key factor to consider in running SAP HANA is the backend storage systems which host all the data. Does the storage help meet the required performance and scalability characteristics that SAP HANA based deployment need ? Does the storage allow loading of the TB of data under analysis into the memory in matter of secs ? Does it support the required HA and DR capabilities ?

IBM Elastic Storage Server based on IBM Spectrum Scale
helps not only meet but exceed the expectations and hence we from development have come up with a detail blueprint called "SAP HANA and ESS: A Winning Combination"

This blueprint is specifically tailored and targeted for SAP HANA workload using which you can take the advantages of proven solution.