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Cyber Recovery Orchestration Made Easy!

By Roland Leins posted Fri July 01, 2022 06:42 AM


IBM Storage is Bringing your Cyber Resilience to the next Level Using Predatars Cyber Recovery Orchestration Solution

Built for Spectrum Protect and Spectrum Protect Plus, the Predatar recovery orchestration platform brings unrivalled resiliency for backup environments. Predatar helps enterprises to be prepared for any data loss event by ensuring they can always recover quickly, cleanly, and completely from secondary storage when they need to.

The question is not “Whether?”, it is “When?”

In a rapidly shifting technology and threat landscape, enterprises have never been more exposed to the risk of data loss. to ransomware every 11 seconds in 2021, cyber treats have become a major client concern. And of-course, businesses face many other challenge that can lead to data loss too, including system issues, natural disasters, human error and many more.

Historically, most organization have focused their strategies, budgets, and resources on defense with the belief that by investing in the right technology they can keep bad actors and malware out. Today, there is an increasing realization amongst organizations that sooner or later their defenses will be breached by a malicious attack, and they will need to be ready to initiate an effective response to minimize the impact on their businesses ability to operate. As a result, organizations are shifting their focus towards response and recovery and realizing they have some big challenges to tackle.

In a data loss event users need help to answer the following 3 simple questions – (1) Can I recover my backups quickly? (2) Can I recover my backups cleanly? and (3) Can I recover my backups completely? This is where Predatar comes in: Predatar Cyber Recovery Orchestration works with IBM Spectrum Protect and IBM Spectrum Protect give businesses certainty, that if they get hit by a cyber-attack and their defenses are breached, they will be able to recovery all their data effectively.

What is Predatar and how can you benefit?

On a basic level, the Predatar Cyber Recovery Orchestration Platform is built on two fundamental components covering cyber analytics and reporting and recovery automation and orchestration capabilities.

Predatar’s cyber analytics and real-time alerts have been built to help infrastructure and security teams cut through the noise of complex backup systems to show them what matters most – their recoverability risk factors. It features

  • Fully configurable and always up-to-date recoverability dashboard giving everyone from admins to senior stakeholders a quick view of the information they need to know, with the ability to drill down for deeper insights
  • Intelligent notifications and alerts engine let’s admins stay ahead of any risk. Predatar IQ instantly notifies users of anomalies, changes and issues in their backup environment as they occur, helping them to tackle issues before they become problems.
  • Data Explorer let’s you slice and dice your backup data like never before to discover new recoverability insights. Admins can deep dive into the issues to uncover and fix them with just a few clicks.

Predatar’s recovery automation and orchestration tools take the time and complexity out of recovery testing. By continually scanning, cleaning, and recovering your backups in the background you can be confident of a clean and effective recovery.  Capabilities include: 

  • Backup anomaly detection
    Predatar continuously monitors backups for suspicious behavior and alerts users to potential issues and anomalies.
  • Automated recovery testing
    Predatar continuously runs disaster recovery tests in the background – alerting users of failures and giving them confidence that if the worst happens their backups will come through for them.
  • Global file infection search
    Instantly search across backups to look for known infection signatures and identify dormant malware before it can wreak havoc on your ability to recover.
  • CleanRoom backup anti-virus scanning
    Recover suspicious backup workloads to an isolated CleanRoom, scan them for viruses, clean them and restore them to production in just a few clicks.

To summarize Predatar is a comprehensive cyber recovery orchestration platform underpinned by Cyber analytics and Machine Learning. It is designed to ensure users are always ready to respond and recover from any data loss event.

How to get started

To learn more about Predatar Cyber Recovery Orchestration have a look at the 5min Predatar & IBM Cyber Orchestration Demo Video outlining the full cyber recovery process with Predatar and IBM Spectrum Protect Plus. And finally watch last year’s SpectrumCast Special Edition - IBM Technology Partner Predatar hosted by Steve Kenniston to get some cool background info on our technology partnership with Predatar – including Predatar CEO and founder Alistair Mackenzie’s motivation to work exclusively with IBM data resilience software.

For more information about this new offering, watch my webinar Boost your Cyber Resilience with IBM Storage and Predatar, featuring Alina Mot, CEO Empalis Consulting Gmbh and Ben Hodge, Head of Marketing at Predatar. Additionally, you can explore the IBM Storage solutions for Data Backup and Recovery and learn more about IBM Spectrum Protect Plus.

On June 28th 2022 IBM Storage launched the Predatar Cyber Recovery Orchestration software in the IBM PA price book, which will help you to get easy access to the complete solution through an IBM business partner or directly from IBM.