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IBM Storage Insights 2nd Quarter 2022 update: More alerting, host connection and capacity enhancements to mention a few

By Robert Graczyk posted Tue May 31, 2022 01:00 PM


Knowing what your storage is doing is always imperative to the overall health of your storage environment. Workloads change, requirements change and use cases change. When they do, IBM Storage Insights is just what the doctor ordered! With a unified view that enables you to see how your storage systems are reacting to any changes, IBM Storage Insights parses your storage health information and helps identify less-than-optimal configurations then recommends a better solution. 

To keep your storage systems in top shape, IBM Storage Insights provides continual updates to improve your experience and assist you in monitoring your storage needs. 

Here are the updates for 2Q 2022: 

For even more information, see the What's new in the IBM Storage Insights Documentation.

How do I get IBM Storage Insights?

If you manage IBM block storage systems, but don't already have the free version of IBM Storage Insights, sign up today

What you need to know about signing up for IBM Storage Insights: 

You'll need an IBM ID. It will be your administrator account and single point of access to IBM Storage Insights. It's also used by IBM to communicate key updates, announcements, and your unique URL. Ensure that the email address associated with your IBM ID is valid and keep an eye out for important messages from IBM. 

If you don't have an IBM ID, don't worry. Getting one is easy. Just complete this short form

To purchase a full subscription to IBM Storage Insights Pro: 


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