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IBM Storage Insights 1Q 2022 updates highlighted by continued insights into compression for capacity savings

By Robert Graczyk posted Mon March 07, 2022 03:00 PM


IBM Storage Insights is easy to deploy and set up so you can quickly access essential insights into your storage management strategy. IBM Storage Insights and a carefully planned storage strategy accommodates for the changing needs within your business model that will ultimately lead to reduced costs and a better utilization of storage systems to enhance capacity savings.

In the latest updates, IBM Storage Insights understands that the capacity you're saving through compression is critical to helping you plan for your capacity needs. You can now measure how well your compression is working by viewing compression ratios and compression savings at the managed disk, pool, and storage system levels. With these metrics, you can also monitor if your compression ratios change, which can impact how much capacity your devices can hold.

The Block Storage Systems page was enhanced with the following new columns and capacity metrics:

The Pools page was enhanced with the following new columns and capacity metrics:

The Managed Disks page was enhanced with the following new columns and capacity metrics:

Compression is also extended to alert notification. You can monitor how well your compression is working by defining alerts to automatically notify you when your compression ratios and savings reach thresholds that you define.

For storage systems running IBM Spectrum Virtualize or later the Operations dashboard was enhanced in the Capacity Savings section to show Total Capacity Savings (GiB) and Total Compression Ratio (Y:1) and to provide a link to View capacity savings.

The Capacity Savings page shows a Savings Summary and a chart with default capacity metrics: Total Capacity Savings (%), Total Compression Ratio (Y:1) and Deduplication Savings (%).

Another level of security    

The ability to keep data safe can directly affect whether your customers trust your organization. Security is very important and must not be overlooked to avoid any cyber-attacks. To provide another level of security when you want it, you can now enter a password for the SSH User that IBM Storage Insights uses to connect with IBM Spectrum Virtualize storage systems that run firmware levels or later.



For more detailed information on the 1Q 2022 updates for IBM Storage Insights, see the What's new.


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