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IBM Storage Insights: Support for monitoring VMware hosts and virtual machines highlight 4Q 2021 updates!

By Robert Graczyk posted Thu December 02, 2021 06:32 PM


In this latest update, IBM Storage Insights provides support for VMware host monitoring (ESXi6.5 or later, Virtual machines on ESXi hosts) that enables you to identify when, and understand why, hosts in your environment encounter problems such as a loss of storage access or high storage latency. It also enables you to more quickly determine if the issues are caused by the host, fabric, or the storage layer. Routing issues to the right people and getting them resolved more efficiently, is now possible with this new monitoring capability.
More metrics
Performance charts for hosts and virtual machines show metrics, for example, data rate, response time, and I/O rate.
Capacity charts show metrics like SAN Capacity, used SAN Capacity, and available drive capacity. For even more details, drill down into the hosts and virtual machines to view the internal and related resources that they depend on, namely datastores, VMDKs, and drives. Other features like reporting and alerting are also supported.

Host-centric monitoring now in free version of IBM Storage Insights
With this new capability, you can connect and monitor your ESXi hosts directly. You can also monitor other hosts that consume your monitored storage but were not directly added to IBM Storage Insights.

For more detailed information on the 4Q updates for IBM Storage Insights, see What's new.

For more detailed information on IBM Storage Insights, see IBM Documentation.

How do I get IBM Storage Insights?
If you manage IBM block storage systems, but don't already have the free version of IBM Storage Insights, sign up today.

What you need to know about signing up for IBM Storage Insights: You'll need an IBM ID. It will be your administrator account and single point of access to IBM Storage Insights. It's also used by IBM to communicate key updates, announcements, and your unique URL. Ensure that the email address associated with your IBM ID is valid and keep an eye out for important messages from IBM.

If you don't have an IBM ID, don't worry. Getting one is easy. Just complete this short form.

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