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IBM Storage Insights: 3rd quarter updates have arrived!

By Robert Graczyk posted Mon August 23, 2021 09:00 AM

3rd Quarter updates for IBM Storage Insights

IBM Storage Insights is built to deliver almost immediate results, then provide additional insights as it learns about your storage environment. It helps keep your storage online with automated identification of “best practice” violations. Automated environmental and predictive analytics from IBM Research® help prevent problems before they occur. Based on the diagnostic data collected by IBM Storage Insights, IBM Support staff can make proactive recommendations to improve the resiliency of your environment.

In the most recent 3rd Quarter updates, IBM Storage Insights continues to add on to its monitoring enhancements. For example, viewing the status of the device and host adapters that are associated with DS8000 storage systems and monitoring the easy tier load on managed disks in storage systems that run IBM Spectrum Virtualize. Also, the amount of capacity savings is now evident through the use of new compression technology that is critical to helping ensure you don't run out of space.

DS8000 monitoring enhancements

In IBM Storage Insights Pro, you can also view information about the configuration and performance of an adapter. This information includes details about the I/O enclosures where it's located, its type, speed, DA pair, and more. For example, if a DS8000 storage system is experiencing a heavy I/O load or low data rate, you can get alerted and take action before it affects the performance of the device.

Device Adapters have been added as new Internal Resources for DS8000 storage systems. With these new additions, storage administrators and support personnel can assess whether a device adapter is overworked and causing performance issues. Also, a new Device Adapter column has been added to the Drives and RAID Arrays tables. You can also add Device Adapters to General Groups as well.
Viewing easy tier load for IBM Spectrum Virtualize devices

You can view the easy tier load on managed disks in storage systems that run IBM Spectrum Virtualize in IBM Storage Insights Pro.

The Easy Load Tier column has been added to the Managed Disks table and is a configure parameter that determines how much Easy Tier Load can be moved to that Managed Disk. This new table column is very useful to storage administrators to check if their Managed Disks are configured correctly.

By using the low, medium, high, or very high values you can identify the IOPS capability of the associated storage tier and fine-tune the utilization of backend storage. It also increases your troubleshooting ability for performance issues, such as determining when the setting is incorrect for a managed disk because high workloads require a better tier.

Utilizing the alerting capabilities in IBM Storage Insights enables you to be notified of issues related to easy tier load. For example, with a custom alert, you can be automatically notified when easy tier load is not configured for external managed disks that are added to a storage system.

Saving on capacity is always a good thing!

You can now get a detailed view of your compressions savings over time so that you can monitor any dips in those savings that might cause unexpected capacity shortages.

From the Operations dashboard, simply select the storage system that you want to view and click View Capacity Savings to access the new Capacity Saving page.

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