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IBM Storage Insights updated, now collecting switch and fabric metadata!

By Robert Graczyk posted Mon June 21, 2021 11:00 AM

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The 2nd quarter update for IBM Storage Insights is highlighted by the management of switches and fabrics that gives your storage administrator even more power in order to see a complete end-to-end picture of the environment from the hosts to the storage.

Your storage administrator can now more easily detect link issues and, if performance problems occur, your administrator can use the performance data from the switches to find the source of the problem. Using IBM Storage Insights to manage switches and fabrics also provides IBM support with another tool to help solve any problems that might arise more efficiently.

What you can monitor:
⦁ Brocade switches and fabrics
⦁ Cisco switches and fabrics

Switch and fabric management added to free version of IBM Storage Insights!

You can now do the following in the free version of IBM Storage Insights:
⦁ Easily spot which switches and fabrics require attention.
⦁ Keep an eye out for saturation, congestion, and fabric errors that might affect storage performance.
⦁ Get improved time to resolution for complex storage and fabric issues.
⦁ Use different views to understand how storage, switches, and hosts are connected to better plan and troubleshoot.

Take your switch and fabric management to the next level with IBM Storage Insights Pro!

By using subscription-based IBM Storage Insights Pro, you can use these other capabilities:
⦁ View historical data about switches and fabrics from the previous 2 years rather than 1 year in IBM Storage Insights.
⦁ View customizable performance charts that can include over 40 metrics (rather than 4 in IBM Storage Insights) and more than a 24-hour time range for switches, ports, and trunks (inter-switch links) to find problems quickly.
⦁ Create and share reports with colleagues to get a quick, birds-eye view of switch and fabric inventory.
⦁ Create alerts so that you're automatically notified of problems, and potential problems, on switches and fabrics.

For a complete list of the other updates for IBM Storage Insights this quarter as well as an informational video on the features, go to What’s new .

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excellent news !!!