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Alert consolidation, performance improvements and task tracking for device management among the latest updates for IBM Storage Insights

By Robert Graczyk posted Mon March 22, 2021 05:59 PM

IBM Storage Insights

Spring represents the start of something new, new beginnings and progress! The March update of IBM Storage Insights is no exception.

IBM is constantly updating the infrastructure, security, and stability of IBM Storage Insights to improve your experience. Enhanced analytics, troubleshooting capabilities, and more robust data collection are built into this update, so the IBM Support team can better assist you in monitoring your storage environment.

Some of the updates include: 

  • Alerts analyzed when triggered to generate a single consolidated alert 
  • Performance improvements 
  • Task tracking for device management 

    Alerts analyzed when triggered to generate a single consolidated alert! 

    IBM Storage Insights Pro now analyzes alerts when they are triggered and generates a single consolidated alert for an issue that affects multiple resources. If multiple alerts are triggered by the same violations for the same device and at the same time, the following occur:  

    • A single alert is shown on the Alerts dashboard. 
    • A single email notification is sent. 

    Many of the alerts in the following screen are consolidated into a single alert. For the alert in the first row, the Overall Back-end Response Time was greater than or equal to 0 on four drives on a IBM FlashSystem 9000 at the same time.

    Alerts page

    See Viewing and administering alerts

    Performance improvements

    View storage information faster

    Improvements to the infrastructure enable you to view information about your storage faster than ever! 
    Now you spend less time waiting and more time monitoring and resolving issues with your storage. 

    Track device management actions while they run! 

    Device management actions now run as background tasks and you can monitor the progress of the tasks. Device management actions include stopping and restarting data collection, modifying credentials, and testing the connection to a device. Previously, only the actions for adding storage systems and creating tickets were run as background tasks.

    Track device management actions while they run 

     See Tracking tasks. 

    More detailed information in the What's new!
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