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New release! IBM Spectrum Control, 5.4.2 has an update for IBM Virtual Storage Center

By Robert Graczyk posted Thu February 18, 2021 01:22 PM


IBM® Virtual Storage Center is a storage solution that provides efficient management, data protection, and virtualization for heterogeneous storage environments. It helps enhance storage efficiency, provides greater mobility, and delivers stronger control over storage performance and management. 

Under a single license, IBM Virtual Storage Center includes the following products: 

  • IBM Spectrum Control 
  • IBM Copy Services Manager 
  • IBM Spectrum Protect™ Snapshot 
  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize for IBM SAN Volume Controller, including all the functions available with storage virtualization, data reduction pools, HyperSwap high availability, hybrid cloud and container support, and remote mirroring and FlashCopy (snapshot). 

IBM Virtual Storage Center is available in three editions. Each license has different options so that you can pick the license that best suits your storage needs: 

  • IBM Virtual Storage Center 
  • IBM Virtual Storage Center Starter Edition 
  • IBM Virtual Storage Center for IBM Storwize® 

Note: While IBM Virtual Storage Center for IBM Storwize can be used together with IBM FlashSystems, in most cases it’s not financially the best option. If you would like to get access to the storage resource management capabilities of IBM Spectrum Control, choose IBM Spectrum Control Select Edition instead. 

In Q1 2021, the edition "IBM Virtual Storage Center Entry Edition" was renamed to "IBM Virtual Storage Center Starter Edition".  

Previous name 

New name February 2021 

IBM Virtual Storage Center Entry Edition 5.4.1 

IBM Virtual Storage Center Starter Edition 5.4.2 

These licensing changes are applied automatically, and no action is required for the user. For example, if you owned the IBM Virtual Storage Center Entry Edition in previous releases, your license will be called IBM Virtual Storage Center Starter Edition.

Along with the renaming, capacity limits in IBM Virtual Storage Center Starter Edition were increased to better meet your needs. Now, you can use the IBM Virtual Storage Center Starter Edition to manage up to 1,500 TIBs of usable capacity. That's an increase of 1,000 TiBs over the previous limit! Speaking of limits, the previous limit of 4 I/O groups was removed, so you're no longer restricted by the number of I/O groups in your environment. 

Free 90-day trial of IBM Spectrum Control is now available! 

IBM Spectrum Control provides monitoring and analytics for multiple-vendor storage environments. The comprehensive solution enables you to manage storage systems, software-defined storage, storage-area network (SAN) fabrics, devices, and even cloud storage. 

IBM Spectrum Control overview

See  free 90-day trial of IBM Spectrum Control. 

For more informationSigning up is easy! 

Download the new version of IBM Spectrum Control 

You can download this version of the product here. Review the Instillation instructions and Download package sections. You can then install the product by following the installation instructions in the IBM Knowledge Center. 

IBM Spectrum Control Knowledge Center 

IBM Spectrum Control centralizes, automates, and simplifies the management of complex and heterogeneous storage environments. Use the IBM Spectrum Control documentation to help you with your storage management tasks. 

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