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Manage Spectrum Virtualize/FlashSystem Volume Group Snapshots with Copy Services Manager

By Randy Blea posted Thu June 30, 2022 06:07 PM


In June 2022 IBM GA'd a new version of IBM Copy Services Manager 

Copy Services Manager Download

IBM Copy Services Manager is a storage replication product that provides a single place to manage all the replication across your IBM storage environment.  With IBM Copy Services Manager customers can simplify the management of their replication solutions while providing disaster recovery and high availability to their applications. 

As always, we're very excited to provide the following key features being released in this new version.  We develop Copy Services Manager in an agile development cycle and as such have included a number of customer requested features!!!

Support for new Spectrum Virtualize Snapshot sessions

  • Spectrum Virtualize/FlashSystems added a new type of point in time copy in their release.  The new point in time copy is called a Snapshot and allows for a far greater number of snapshots than allowed by traditional FlashCopy. 
  • In CSM 6.3.3 when you create a Snapshot session for Spectrum Virtualize based hardware, instead of providing a session name you will be prompted to associate the session to an existing Volume Group on the hardware.  The session will then automatically find all the volumes in that volume group and create snapshots based on those volumes.  All management of the contents of the session should be managed by updating the volume group on the hardware itself. 
  • The CSM Snapshot session fully supports all the features for creating Snapshots for a Volume Group. 
    • Create a Scheduled Task in CSM to automatically schedule the creation of Snapshots
    • Specify a Retention for the snapshots.  CSM will automatically delete the snapshot when the retention time is reached.
    • Create thin clones of a snapshot.  The snapshot target volumes are immutable.  In order to attach a host and perform forensics you can create a thin clone of the snapshot.  View the thin clones under the Thin Clone Snapshot info tab and delete the thin clone from the CSM session when you're done
    • Create a clone of a snapshot.  When you create a clone of a snapshot, a new set of volumes are create along with a volume group where a full copy of the data in the snapshot is written to the volumes.  When creating a clone, CSM will automatically create a new CSM session so that you can setup snapshots on the new volume group as well.  NOTE: When creating a clone, the clone volume group will not appear under the originating session and is considered at that point a standalone set of volumes.

Check out the description and demo of Snapshot Support

Or watch the full "what's new in CSM 6.3.3" video below

Idea/RFE support for Copy Services Manager

If you wish to open a new IDEA (formally called a Request for Enhancement) on IBM Copy Services Manager, you can now do so through the following link.