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Today, we go beyond backup into end to end data Resiliency

By Ram Parasuraman posted Mon December 11, 2023 10:31 AM


Around the globe, across every industry, organizations face increasingly severe threats to their data. Ransomware, Exfiltration and sophisticated cyber-attacks are the most publicized threats, and IT teams struggle to contain risks to data and to restore their operations.

According to the 2023 IBM Cost of Data Breach Report1:

  • Only one third of data breaches were discovered through an organization’s own teams and tools, highlighting the need for better threat detection.
  • Globally, the average total cost of a data breach was $4.45 million.
  • The average time to identify and contain a data breach was 277 days.

Data resiliency has emerged as a key enterprise IT priority for 2023 and beyond.

Data resiliency brings together data security, which helps prevent and detect attacks (including zero-day attacks), and data recovery, which ensures safe recovery after an attack. Data resilience is important because organizations without it require an average of 23 days to recover from a cyber-attack. Beyond the financial costs, a severe outage can have devastating effects on a company’s brand.

IBM Storage Defender provides end to end data resiliency across all workloads, whether primary and critical to a minimum viable company or data in secondary workloads. It proactively protects our clients’ primary and secondary storage systems against ransomware, human error, disasters, sabotage, hardware failure, and other risks. It features clean-room isolation, anomaly and malware detection and multiple layers of protection that can help accelerate the recovery of business-critical data from days to hours.

IBM Storage Defender helps recover from data loss by integrating immutable backups, accelerated discovery of threats, and recovery orchestration. With IBM Storage Defender, you can gain enhanced protection for your valuable data, better integrate your data protection and data security solutions, as well as reduce the complexity and cost of your data storage systems.

What’s New in IBM Storage Defender – December 2023

Build a More Resilient Enterprise

The December 2023 release of IBM Storage Defender delivers and enhances capabilities across three critical areas to help clients to build a more resilient enterprise:

  • Application and storage inventory management to help clients better understand their storage landscape and the resiliency status of their mission critical workloads.
  • Expanded threat detection powered by new IBM technology to further reduce the potential for disruption to business operations.
  • Accelerated recovery capabilities for VMware applications using automation and a vetted recovery plan.

Application and Storage Inventory Management

IBM Storage Defender includes management capabilities to help you assess your landscape of applications and data and to determine how they fit into your business continuity plan. The SaaS component enables a cross-functional team to collaborate and create a prioritized inventory of applications and their associated assets within hours and maintain that inventory over time. It uses information from VMware vCenter as well as enabling the client to input details around the application inventory.

Expanded Threat Assessment & Detection

IBM Storage Defender includes the capability for you to gain context around your data. An AI powered Trust Index provides you with a score to indicate the relative trustworthiness of copies by combining signals from existing solutions and new detection methodologies developed by IBM Research. Also included is technology developed by IBM research to identify issues with virtual machines, which can add value to the Trust Index to help assess whether a backup copy is clean.

Accelerated Recovery

When an attack occurs that results in compromised data, IBM Storage Defender can orchestrate and automate the recovery of VMware applications that are protected by IBM DataProtect. A privileged user can then take action in a coordinated way. The user has information at their fingertips that helps identify and validate recovery points to use as well as identifying a likely recovery time.

Visit our IBM Storage Defender web page for more information about the capabilities we are delivering, and watch this space as we are focused on a continually improving and expanding Defender capabilities.

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Tue December 12, 2023 06:07 AM

This is fantastic, Ram! The cyber attackers are relentless. They will stop at nothing. The cyber warefare attacks are even scarier. The good news is we now have an answer to neutralize them, refuse the ransom, and keep businesses, utilities, financial institutions, municipalities, hospitals, schools, etc. up and operational. It's great to have such a powerful solution in IBM Storage Defender to deliver these capabilities. Kudos!