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IBM Storage FlashSystem: Enhancing Security with Inflight Data Encryption Over IP Network

By Pradip Waykos posted Thu November 02, 2023 03:06 AM


In the face of evolving ransomware threats targeting business-critical data, ensuring data security has become a paramount concern for enterprise operations. In this increasingly vulnerable environment, Imagine a seamless flow of sensitive information traveling across your network, fortified by an impenetrable shield of encryption. That's the reality with the latest version of IBM Storage FlashSystems, which brings you cutting-edge security features, including IPSec-based data replication. 

In a world where data security is non-negotiable, IBM Storage FlashSystem, combined with IPSec-based encryption, empowers you to secure your data's journey, ensuring it arrives safely at its destination.

All your IP network based remote copy services with IBM Storage FlashSystem including IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud instances on AWS or Azure at other side of config, Hybrid Cloud, offers the inflight data encryption. This secure transport mechanism provides function key functions like

1. Secure Data Transfer: Your data is now protected with industry-standard encryption and integrity algorithms during transmission. Enables you to tick the NIST compliance.

2. Certificate-Based Mutual Authentication: Implement robust certificate-based authentication to ensure that only authorized systems can access your data.

3. Rekeying and Re-authentication: Maintain the highest level of security by regularly updating encryption keys and authentication mechanisms. Perfect fit for your compliance needs.

4. Various Certificate Hierarchies and Authorities: Tailor your security infrastructure to your organization's needs with support for multiple certificate t hierarchies. Also supports systems inbuilt certificate authorities or third party authorities.

Implementing IPSec for Three-Site Replication:

User may further extend this technology to achieve the 3 site replication with IPSec based inflight data replication using IBM Storage FlashSystem 3 site replication configuration with Metro Mirror or HyperSwap topologies and 3 site orchestrator. 

With in-flight data encryption, your critical information remains secure throughout its transmission between the three sites. This extra layer of protection guarantees that your business-critical data is immune to unauthorized access. 

Ready to fortify your data security strategy? Dive deeper into the implementation details by downloading the comprehensive white paper authored by IBM subject matter experts.

Download White Paper: IBM Storage Virtualize - Secured Data Replication with IPsec

Download White Paper: IBM FlashSystem: 3-Site replication with in-flight data encryption over IP network